• How we were  “born”

We were born out of over 16 years of experience, from our roots at Metrocert Umitemp, an independent metrology lab, SR EN ISO/CEI 17025/2005 certified, and with a vast field of expertise. 

As we progressed, we’ve realized that the growing demand and complexities of our Validation market share required more love and attention. That is why some of us have completely dedicated ourselves to this field, and studied hard to be better and better at what we’re doing. And our team is growing. 

This is how the new Metrocert Validation & Consulting division came to exist, with dedicated  resources and a considerable knowledge base. And it’s own name. This is our way of showing love to our customers, by paying special attention to the Validation field, while Metrocert Umitemp is fully dedicated to the calibration segment, for the same customers.

      • What we do!

This is not a hard question to answer. Our website is an artistic expression of our main areas of expertise, translated into services specific to the general Validation field. 

We map your warehouse. We qualify and validate. But it’s not as simple as that. Besides optimising these processes, we’ve also understood that our documents (Mapping Reports, IQ/OQ/PQ Reports, etc) have to come out within a REASONABLE TIMEFRAME. 

Given the complex level of information and measurements that need to be processed, as well as the need to produce Reports and Documentation that are precise and qualitative, we would not be able to survive without a special breed of colleague, i.e. the software developer, a.k.a. the programmer.

Information Technology as well as an overall high IQ of our team help us be faster and better performers.